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Amazon offers a paid service called Amazon Prime. it's some basic monthly charges. Amazon Prime comes with many edges. for complete fresh users, there don't seem to be any subscription charges for the first month. every user gets an erstwhile free trial for the first thirty days with prime. After that, the debit or MasterCard coupled to Amazon is directly charged with the annual fee for Amazon Prime. How to refund amazon prime In case you by mistake signed up for Amazon Prime or want to cancel the service once your card has been charged, there are ways in {which} in by which you will be ready to get a refund. If you've purchased a subscription for Amazon Prime, you would like to cancel your subscription through your Amazon account. If you would like to cancel your subscription, you would like to initial of all close up the selection of automatic renewal of subscription from your Amazon account. once turning off the machine-controlled renewal, your account will not be charged whereas not your permission. Your account will then not be charged for from now on subscription renewals whereas not your consent. but you may still be having access to your subscription until your current subscription quantity ends.


Amazon How to refund amazon prime


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